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The “Centre Diocésain de Pastorale Incuti » (CDPI) is a reception center of the Catholic Diocese of Cyangugu where different groups of people, catechists, priests, major seminarians and members of religious communities can have training sessions, study meetings and exchanges. The CPDI can also host participants in meetings and events organized by other partners (NGOs, state institutions, etc.).

The CDPI was created in 1982 primarily to meet the pastoral needs of the Diocese, but also to address the problem of the deficiency of the homes in the area where our Diocese works. Therefore, it was necessary that the CDPI opens its doors to individuals who need accommodation, NGOs and State institutions that organize training sessions, meetings or other events. Thus, by contributing to the development of the region, CDPI constitutes at the same time a source of income for the self-financing of the Diocese.

The CDPI is frequented by hosts of various categories: priests, religious, lay persons, civil and political authorities, individually or in groups, coming from different circles in Rwanda or abroad.